Thursday, November 6, 2008

America's Worst Breakfast Foods

...compliments of Mens Health: Eat This Not That

Worst Side Dish
Burger King Hash Browns (large)620 calories40 g fat (11 g saturated; 13 g trans)1,200 mg sodium60 g carbs Yes, you’re ingesting more than a meal’s worth of calories from a side dish, but the real cause for concern here is that these little potato cakes pack seven times more trans fats than you’re supposed to eat all day! Until BK learns to cut out the partially hydrogenated oils, avoid encounters with potatoes of any kind at that fatty food joint.

Eat This Instead! Burger King Egg & Cheese Croissan’wich300 calories17 g fat (6 g saturated; 2 g trans)740 mg sodium 26 g carbs

Worst Breakfast Sandwich
Hardee’s Monster Biscuit710 calories51 g fat (17 g saturated)2,250 mg sodium37 g carbohydrates When they say “Monster,” they mean it. This 700-calorie behemoth should be enough to scare anyone: It contains nearly a full day’s worth of sodium and saturated fat.

Instead try the Sunrise Croissant with Bacon. It’s not exactly diet-friendly, but if you’re stuck at Hardee’s, it’s a way to escape without too much damage. Eat This Instead! Hardee’s Sunrise Croissant with Bacon450 calories 29 g fat (12 g saturated)900 mg sodium28 g carbs

Worst Kids Meal
Denny’s Big Dipper French Toastix with margarine and syrup770 calories71 g fat (13 g saturated)107 g carbs As important as it is for mom and dad to eat a good breakfast each morning, it’s even more critical that their kids do. After all, breakfast affects their energy levels, metabolism, and performance in school. Better think twice before feeding them these dubious little sticks

Eat This Instead!Kid’s D-Zone Smiley Alien Hotcakes340 calories12 g fat (5 g saturated)49 g carbs Worst PastryCinnabon Classic Cinnamon Roll813 calories32 g fat (5 g trans fat)117 g carbs You wouldn’t start your day with three brownies, would you? As far as your body knows, that’s exactly what you’ll be doing if you wake up with this cinnamon-swirled disaster area. In fact, because Cinnabon offers no healthy alternatives, you’ll have to invite friends (or enemies?) to share the risky roll, or steer clear of Cinnabon altogether.

Worst Smoothie
Smoothie King Grape Expectations II (40 oz.)1,102 calories256 g sugars740 mg sodium Why Smoothie King would even offer a 40 oz. serving size is beyond us. With more than half the calories you need in a day and the sugar equivalent of 12 Haagen Dasz ice cream bars, this “drink” should be renamed "diabetes in a glass." Just goes to show you the importance of drinking responsibly.

Drink This Instead!Smoothie King Low Carb Strawberry Smoothie (20 oz.)268 calories 3g sugars 176 mg sodium

Worst Combo Meal
McDonald’s Deluxe Breakfast1,360 calories64 g fat (22 g saturated)2,325 mg sodium160 g carbs49 g sugars With four vehicles for refined carbohydrates (biscuit, hash browns, hotcakes, syrup), this “deluxe” disaster will send your blood sugar soaring. Why blow nearly an entire day’s calories under the arches, when a perfectly satisfying Egg McMuffin will save you more than 1,000 calories?

Eat This Instead! McDonald’s Egg McMuffin with coffee310 calories12 g fat (5 g saturated)820 mg sodium30 g carbs3 g sugars

Worst Omelet
IHOP Big Steak Omelet1,490 calories(No additional nutrition information available) IHOP doesn’t provide nutritional information aside from calorie counts, but with a boatload of steak, a bucket of cheese, and handfuls of hash browns, this omelet’s fat and sodium numbers are surely just as appalling.

Eat This Instead!IHOP For Me Garden Scramble440 calories

The Worst Breakfast in America!!
Bob Evans Stacked and Stuffed Caramel Banana Pecan Hotcakes1,543 calories77 g fat (26 g saturated; 9 g trans)2,259 mg sodium198 g carbs109 g sugarsIt’s not a good sign when it takes you nearly five seconds to spit out the name of your breakfast. This bad boy packs in more than 75 percent of your calories for the day, along with more sugar and fat than nine glazed Dunkin’ Donuts, and nearly as much sodium as five Bloody Marys.

Eat This Instead!3 Scrambled Egg Beaters with 2 slices of bacon and fresh fruit314 calories19.5 g fat (5 g saturated)700 mg sodium21 g carbs18 g sugars

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