Thursday, November 13, 2008

And the pass is.....!!!

Tonight, my intramural flag football team was in the championship game to be university champs. The game was against a rival team, the TKE's. This is how it ended.

Score is 6-2, Titans are up. TKE's have the ball with 3 seconds left about 20 yards away from the end zone. The snap comes, with the TKE quarterback in deep shotgun he drops back even further with the Titans rushing 2. They are getting in quick with hands in the air. The QB, under heavy pressure, throws ups a hail mary. The Titans were already playing deep so getting burned didn't seem to be an issue. With the players waiting in the end zone like a bride was tossing her bouquet, they all jump, and to everybody's surprise the pass is caught. By a TKE. With no time left. The Titans were left walking around with puzzled faces while the TKE's stormed the field. Very dramatic...guess you just had to be there. In case you were wondering, it looked like this.

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