Sunday, November 9, 2008

Nervous? Part-1

Why should we regularly do things that make us nervous? Why is it that we get nervous at all? More then likely this "situation" is playing to a weakness, exposing incapacity in that area. Often, people avoid these situations as a means of eliminating the discomfort. This takes away one aspect of your life. The opposite should be done to truly gain control of your life. Confront the situation that makes you nervous and participate. In the end the nervousness will diminish, and your new found confidence will expose you to more opportunity.


Train your weaknessess! Lift heavy and fast, speak in front of a large crowd, stand on top of a high building. Whatever makes you nervous, do that. Regularly challenge yourself to live your life the way you want to. There's nothing to it, but to do's that simple. What do you have to lose? It's hard to lose something you don't nothing! Having everything to gain makes "doing" well worth the discomfort experienced in the beginning.

Part-2 rant coming soon...

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