Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Learning from Others

This past week I am reminded of how we can learn so much from the people around us. I am refering to any quality or trait you see in somebody else that, for some reason, has you admiring that about them. It could be the way the way they speak to people, their composure, or maybe their ability to always give great advice.

I recently did a partner WOD with Coach Lance Cantu, one of the fittest coaches at Crossfit Central. I knew he would push the threshold of intensity, which was just what I needed. We were lucky enough to engage in some friendly competition with the noon class, as well as Coach Carey Kepler, and her husband Kris Kepler. The Keplers took the win with excellent teamwork, not to mention they are both super fit. Pic below of how they made the "Barbell Fly". Being around a group of fit
individuals constantly reminds me
to elevate the standards of fitness anytime I get a chance.

"Positive peer pressure to do the right thing"
The quote above I got from Jeremy Theil at our last meeting. To recieve positive peer pressure, you must surround yourself with positive peers. Going through college I was surrounded by many peers, most of which applied peer pressure to do things I wasn't interested in. Not that they were negative, it just wasn't the direction I was headed in my life. For that reason, my mindset and outlook on life were different then my friends. For me, positive peer pressure has no pressure at all. Pressure (or resistance) did not occur in my case. Eveything just clicked.
I recently moved in with Coach Michael Gregory, and Coach Lance Cantu. Being around them on a daily basis has me evaluating, and redefining myself as a person. The positive environment we have around us (ie..the gym, our clients, other trainers) breathes productivity. The day to day things I never though about doing, I do now without thinking about. Anything I once thought was difficult is now simple, and the future I was looking at through a blurry lense is now becoming more clear. Nothing is impossible, and everything is relative.


Catherine Hart Rebholz said...

I have been doing all the extra I AM CROSSFIT workouts with my husband. When I ran past him during that last 400m run, his walk turned into a run and then a sprint. He didn't know he had more power in him until I ran past him. This is one of the defining characteristics of Crossfit that sets it apart from any other fitness program. For the first time in my life I can define the peer pressure I feel as UPLIFTING! Great post.

Megan Parsons said...

Great post! What I love the most about CrossFit Central are the amazing people I am surrounded by daily. I just want to say thank you for pushing me during class and demanding excellence and good form. It's exactly what I need and exactly how I want to train my clients.