Friday, March 13, 2009

The Need for Change

After a WOD last week, I decided to have the 5:15m class do the Pro-Agility cone drill.

Place 2 cones 10 yards apart from each other, then one in the middle. Straddle the middle cone with the other 2 cones on your left and right side. On go, race to your right side(5 yards) touching with your right hand, then race left to the furthest cone (10 yards) touching with your left hand, then back to the middle cone.

I randomized the starting direction, and had everyone race each other for some friendly competition.
Training the body to handle quick changes in direction, and dynamic lateral movement will produce favorable adaptations neuromuscularly enhancing balance, coordination, and agility. Not to mention reduce the risk of injury when you are called upon to act in this fashion.

Looks something like this:

1st and 2nd attempts: First touch, whether right or left hand, consists of many choppy stutter steps to slow the body, same for second touch.

3rd and 4th attempts: You are reminded of which hand and leg you change directions with quicker. Change of direction is faster, and you can possibly stop and turn easily with no choppy steps on your "strong" side.

5th and so on attempts: You figure out how to eliminate choppy steps on weak side, and start changing direction fast, but moving not as fast as you woud like once you have done so. Don't worry though, you will get fast again.

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