Thursday, May 28, 2009

20 in 30

I can still remember the day Frank (pictured left) came to the gym for his first Elements session. He was anxious to begin, but warned me that it had been a while since he last worked out.

High Knees, Fast Feet, Jumping Jacks...and we already had to take our first breather. We attempted several more times to get through the rest of the warm up, but too much time had passed and Frank was spent.

Deciding his only option was personal training we set up a Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday workout schedule. His first visit we did a full body, and nutritional assessment and decided to measure all numbers again 30 days later. He would have to food log seven days a week, and we were only working out 3 out of those 7.

With a sword in one hand and a shield in the other, Frank set out on a 30 day journey full of hard decisions. and gory battles with WOD's. He slowly built up his capacity to blow through the warm up with no break, then right into the workout with no rest. He attacked all weaknesses and made sure nothing got in the way of his goals. It wasn't too long before his co-workers began noticing the changes Frank was going through. Whether it was skipping out on the "All -You -Can -Eat" Indian food buffets, or shedding light upon those who were curious about his new lifestyle Frank has now become Crossfit. He embodies the drive it home, no excuse person who makes it happen for himself. Always ready for more, and pushing himself to expose all weaknesses.

The "After" photo.Which is really the before photo for his new beginning. Congratulations Frank! He lost 20lbs, 8% body fat, countless inches around his body, and best of all he made a lifestyle change during this 30 Day Challenge. Do you have what it takes to change your lifelong habits in 30.

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allison said...

Way to go Frank!!! We clapped in our living room!