Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I had a dream...

one night that I could do a muscle up. This came one week after I got my rings for Christmas. My first attempts at a muscle up were frustrating. I remember wondering why I could not do the movement. I tried, and tried, but all my attempts ended the same way...me just pulling my head into the air! I couldn't get any higher and I had no idea what I was doing.
So, I decided to go home that evening and watch videos of people doing muscle ups to see how their arms and hands were pulling on the way up and transitioning into the dip.
A week later I had the dream. In the dream I was doing a muscle up from my point of view. I could see what I was doing! I understood how to pull tight to my body, down my rib cage, and transition into the dip. I woke up that morning a believer and I knew I could do a mucle up. Here is the video of my first attempt at a muscle up that day. (Thanks for filming Cass)

Here is my second attempt.

If you dream it you can see it, if you see it you can do it!