Friday, June 19, 2009

What do you Hope for?

After losing his right leg to cancer, Terry Fox decided he was going to run across Canada to raise money for cancer research. For 143 days straight he woke up and ran 26.2 miles, that's a marathon by the way.

"The night before my amputation, my former basketball coach brought me a magazine with an article on an amputee who ran in the New York Marathon. It was then when I decided to meet this new challenge head on and not only overcome my disability, but conquer it in such a way that I could never look back and say it disabled me."

Cancer in his lungs forced him to end his journey early, running 3,339 miles by the last day.

"...everybody seems to have given up hope of trying. I haven't. It isn't easy and it isn't supposed to be, but I'm accomplishing something.

And you think it's hard to change your diet, show up to class consistently, or just change habits. If something is important to you, you don't buy into any excuses. None. Unless death is stopping you, YOU will forever hold yourself back unless you decide to change.

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