Saturday, March 20, 2010

Pursuit of Excellence

In the pursuit of becoming a better trainer/coach/athlete, this path month I attended a Kettlebell Certification and an Olympic Weightlifting Certification.

(Pic Above)
Jeff Martone and myself at the end of day 1 of the cert.

I thoroughly enjoyed this KB cert. Martone's style of teaching is very simple, yet effective. He has great teaching cues. An expert in his field of Kettlebells and it showed.

Favorite quote from Martone the entire weekend:
" When squatting, you don't wanna look like a dog in the middle of the field taking a crap"...I'm still laughing from that one!

Coach Burgener and me.

The other cert I was fortunate to attend was Olympic Weightlifting with Coach Burgener.He is a very passionate human being with a very simple coaching style as well. He was able to break down oly lifting and explain it in a way I hadn't heard before. Great expert to be around!

Today I finally purchased a pair of Olympic Weightlifting shoes. I won't have to borrow yours anymore now, Zach, haha!

I'm eager to share the knowledge I've gained from these past two certifications. If you know of anyone looking for training, send them may way!


Lion Heart said...

I have had the honor to meet both Jeff Martone, and Coach B as well...both outstanding human beings! I heard through the grapevine Coach B was coming to Austin for a cert??? if so I will be there

Jessica said...

Hey JDP,
any Oly lifting seminars/coaching happening soon? I'm interested for sure.

JDP said...

Kris, they are outstanding people, thats for sure. If Burgener is coming back I might have to attend again!

Jess, get 2 more girls together and we will set it up!