Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Mo' Mobility

Your nutrition is tight. Your strength and conditioning program is working. You have lost weight, built muscle, and on the path to a new you. But something is wrong. You can't quite tell what holds you back during workouts. Why am I not getting stronger? Your like a Ferrari with the hand brake on, something's not right!
Why are some movements more difficult than others? We, as the coaches, have taught these movements to you every time you set foot into the gym. Is it a skill issue, or maybe a lack of strength? Or, could it be a mobility/flexibility issue?

For the most part, our clients understand the movements we teach, but simply CAN'T get into the position we as are asking of them. Years of poor posture, overuse injuries, and lack of functional training can all play a role in this. Treating a mobility/flexibility program as serious as you take your nutrition, weight lifting, running etc.. can lead to you ridding yourself of nagging pains, the ever-so important prevention of injuries, and enhancing your performance through new found ranges of motion. Wouldn't it be nice to get into your dead-lift set up and not feel like your hamstrings were going to explode out the back of your leg? With your current strength and new mobility you'll be a ticking time bomb for setting PR's. I was able to take my 135lb OH Squat to 205lbs, thanks to a more mobile shoulder girdle.

Let's face it, we use a lot of energy just trying to get into a position required for an exercise. ex: the bottom of the Overhead Squat, even worse..the bottom of a single arm overhead squat.
Imagine your body and movements if you had no structural disadvantages. How comfortable would it be at the bottom of the squat, or to hold a barbell directly overhead without grimacing? I was once in this position and it pissed me off! I was done being injured, done not being able to do every exercise, and was ready to put myself in a position to succeed in my overall health and fitness program.
After 3 back injuries ( 2 lumbosacral sprains, 1 bulging disc in upper back) took 4 and a half years of living my life the way I wanted too, I promised myself that I would never end up in that position again! This took me on a journey to create an upperbody/lowerbody mobility program that I could follow that could prep me before and after workouts, do on my days off of training, and allow me to see physical results.

You need to be in this if:
-suffering during workouts aggravates you enough that you want to do something about it!
-you can't touch your toes
-can't squat because hips are tight (those hamstrings/glutes!)
-have tight shoulders (can't put your arms over your head easily!)

I will be starting a 4 week Mobility/Flexibility program. Each group can have up to 3 people, and requires you to commit for the 4 weeks (8 classes).
Days and times: Contact for availability.

Cost: $600 for one person, $325pp w/ 2 people, $250pp w/3 people.
Space is very limited. Email me @johndelperal@crossfitcentral.com to reserve your spot and with any questions.

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