Monday, August 2, 2010

PrimeTime Guys

In 30 days..lost 23lbs..30 days after that he lost another 21lbs. 44lbs in 60 days. 232lbs to 188lbs.
He lost a combined 16in off his hips and waist, and over 31in. on his whole body!

Scottie: In 30 days lost 23lbs...30 days after that
he lost another 17lbs. 40lbs in 60 days. 248lbs to 208lbs. He lost over 26 full body inches!

These guys first came to me looking to get into shape. They soon found out they were in for much more.

These guys took on a complete nutrition overhaul, a mobility/injury prevention program, as well as 3 days a week working out with me! They always show up with a great attitude and bust their tales everyday.

These results are only the beginning for them.

Scottie developed much needed flexibilty/mobility over the past few months.

The after math of hard work, great eating habits, and accountability.

I am opening up my schedule to take on 2 new personal training clients who desire these kinds of drastic results. If this is you and you want to take the challenge, or you know someone who would greatly benefit from this, email me ASAP.

***If your not serious about change, then don't contact me..this isn't easy.

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Richard said...

Awesome, thanks John! Scottie and I could not have done it without your inspiration and guidance. Thanks for leading us through this transformation. Crossfit may be tough, but it's the best way to get in!