Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Happy times for "Happy Hour".

Recently Allison, a member of my 5:15pm "Happy Hour" class, gave birth to her 3rd son Case.
In fact, she came to class and worked out on the day she gave birth to Case! This is her pictured center, next to myself and Dr. Reue...the Doctor delivering her baby. Her WOD just happened to be "Nicole": AMRAP in 20 min of 400m Run and Max Pullups.

Allison's Success Story

No scaling for this lady, she was cranking out unassisted pullups 3 at a time!

Actually, throughout the 9 months Allison scaled few things. Handstand walks and olympic weightlifting were all apart of her training regime. She was even a top finisher in most workouts up until the halfway point of her pregnancy!

Allison, we wish you a speedy recovery and will see you soon in the gym crushing workouts again!

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