Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Starting Somewhere..

To achieve any goal, one must start somewhere. While perusing Crossfit HQ's website sometime late last year, I suddenly became inspired. The WOD was "Filthy 50", and I knew immediately that was going to be the first workout I would do once I recovered from my herniated disc. January 29, 2007 was my initiation into the community of Crossfit; time: 39'47. I was sore for the next 3 weeks. Was it smart to do a workout that intense immediately after recovering from my disc injury? Maybe not, but I had to start somewhere.
What it's led too....
Re-enforcing my beliefs that there is always more than what is in front of your face. It reminded me to never be content, or complacent when it comes to me being in the know. And lastly, an internship at Crossfit Central where I continually seek more answers, and try to absorb as much knowledge as I can from some top notch coaches!


cassie said...

Teach me everything you know!!

Mchael Gregory said...

John... I could not be more impressed. You will be a great success in your training and everything else you do! Keep it up! You are an inspiration