Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Price I Pay

Damn "office hands"!

As I practiced the Butterfly Kip, I just couldn't help but notice my hands were feeling a little...RAW! After about 60 something attempts at the newly acquired skill, very far right rip occured. 2ND Round of
Crossfit HQ's WOD for yesterday ie..2 pood swings, GHD situps, back ext,. KTE, far left rip happened. Beginning of 4th round during swings, middle rip took place.
Long story short my hands got jacked up! Wierd though because I've done workouts in the past that were far more grip centric.
It's all good though. There are obstacles to overcome when practicing sports, the sport of fitness is definetly no exception.

- Where I ended with the pulls..

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