Wednesday, June 18, 2008

"Eagles fly with eagles, crows fly with crows"

Alyson (top), and Janese (bottom) both pulling heads over the bar to achieve full ROM during the jumping pullup part of their workout.

And yes, we are doing the jumping pullups on a Smith machine. Why you might ask? A. the girls are short enough to use is, and B. its one of the better uses for a Smith machine. The Smith machine requires ZERO midline stability when using it for squats (one of the many uses), and does not allow one to train a movement that when performed outside of a gym( ie..real life setting), requires one to stabilize themselves while moving through an active ROM. And it's funny, because most of the people I see using the S.M. are usually athletes, mostly basketball players, soccer players etc.. I try my best to enlighten people when I notice their use of the S.M., but sometimes it's just too easy, I guess, for people to stick with what they know. Training certain muscles, and not movements that is. Comments/feedbackQuestions gladly accepted and encouraged.

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