Monday, August 25, 2008

No more Excuses! Make a Change Now!

Inspired by Coach Carey Kepler's recent success with getting ripped after her pregnancy, I have decided to embark on a mission to also get "Spartan Ripped". I am not fat by any means, just disatisfied with my complacency. Even though my fitness is improving, and I'm leaning out slowly but surely, I feel as though I've coasting at about 80% of my full potential. This entails not staying consistent with working out and not dialing in 100% on my nutrition. It's time to make the change and I'm going to jump start it with a 10 week kick in the ass to get me moving in the direction I should already be in. This will be a journey requiring very strict eating habits (via the Zone), and Crossfitting. I will also be using Advocare Supplements to give me an extra push during wokouts and recovery afterwards. But, I will not be doing this by myself. My lovely girlfriend has decided to get ripped with me!

Date: 8-25-08
Body Weight: 177
% Body Fat: 10.63%
Fat Weight: 177(.1063)= 18.8lbs.
Lean Mass: 177-18.8= 158.2lbs.
Zone Blocks per Day: (158.2/7)(.7)= 16 Blocks

Date: 8-25-08
Body Weight: 135lbs
% Body Fat: 22.96%
Fat Weight: 135(.2296)= 31lbs.
Lean Mass: 135-31= 104lbs.
Zone Blocks per Day: (104/7)(.7)= 10 Blocks

We are doing this during one of the busiest times of our lives. Both of us are in our last semester of college, and working at the same time. Some of our days begin at 4am and don't end until midnight. We are doing this to prove that there are no excuses for not living a lifestyle of your choice. If you're unsatisfied with the way things are currently going it is up to you to make the change. As we all know there is no better time than the present. We could wait around for New Years, or "next week" to begin making a change in our lives, but then we would be doing exactly that...waiting. Wasting time, something that isn't of eternal abundance to us. Time continues to tick with or without us. Have you made the decision to change your life yet?

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