Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Crossfit and Me

While recovering from a herniated disk towards the end 0f 2007, I found Crossfit and told myself once I was able to workout again, Crossfit would be my program of choice. After subscribing to the journal and reading various articles I was intrigued and felt the need to know more about this premier strength and conditioning program that was scalable to all. The movements, the workouts, the community, it all appealed to me in a such a different way than anything else I had ever come upon.

February 2008 I drank the Kool-Aid and never went back. Filthy 50's was my first workout and it took me 45 minutes the first time I ever did it. Three months later I did it again and my time was 24 min. I knew I was on to something. My increase in performance meant a decrease in body fat, an increase in muscle mass, and the ability to perform a larger number of movements with great accuracy and intensity.

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