Monday, January 12, 2009

Doing Bigger Things

These past few months have been some of the most dynamic in my life so far. I have found home in Austin Texas since graduating from school in December.

My focus and vision for 2009 has separated its' self from all other years in my life so far. The excitement surrounding everything in my life has me anxious for what is to come. The environment I'm in is vibing on another frequency..its the beginnings of synergy.

So far in 2009, Crossfit Central has given me the opportunity to take on my own indoor Co-Ed Crossfit classes. Want to train with me? Check out the 5:15pm, and 8pm Co-Ed classes, or contact me for Personal Training.

Ryon, the newest member of Crossfit Central, and the 5:15 class is ready to push the limits of human performance. He is a fast learner and a workhorse...a lethal combo (shown here doing a kipping KTE).

Last week, on Thursday, Tom (his hand in pic on right) did 15 kipping pullups in a max effort after the days WOD. He shows up 3 days later on Monday and knocks out 20 pullups in a max effort. The Price? I think you can see it. Effort like that will always have a spotlight on it, but only few walk into the light.

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