Monday, February 9, 2009

Crossfit Kid: Ivan

Ivan, a 13 year old who enjoys music and likes hanging out with his friends, recently joined the Crossfit Kids indoor program.

Picture on the left is Ivan practicing his lateral shuffles on the run ladder.

A few pics from an indoor session wih Ivan last week.

Through the practice of certain movements and skills we are tightning his coordination, allowing him to move his limbs with greater awareness. A growing boy, Ivan's recent growth spurt has him pushing close to 6 feet tall.

With rapid growth comes a greater need to gain awareness of your expanding frame. Doing this at an early age can give you more of an advantage in the future of moving with gross coordination, accuracy, agility and balance. Every time we do the our agailities Ivan gets faster, quicker, and still moves with precision!

Our goal is to make sure everyone has fun through games and challenegs while teaching proper bio-mechanics, and retaining proper motor recruitment patterns.

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