Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Fun with Pairs Training

Janese (left) has been training One on One with me since last year. Monica (right) recently moved in with Janese. Intrigued by a description of our training, Monica decided to give it a try one day. Embracing the effort of the workout, she realized the potential of the program and made a commitment to stick with it.

Monica has just completed her 2nd week of pairs training and plans on adding a 4th day one on one to work other skills.

They are now able to hold each other accountable! Eating the right foods and getting up to workout become easier to do when your in it with someone else. Janese has helped Monica with the Paleo Diet and measuring Zone quantities. From the looks of her food journal she is right on track!

Pairs training can be a cost effective solution for those who desire personal training. Whether you are a seasoned fitness vet such as Janese, or just getting started like Monica, accommodations can be made for all levels of experience.

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