Tuesday, April 21, 2009

General Physical Preparedness is..

..being ready and able to function at a high level in a physically demanding environment. Athletes in all sports follow a conditioning program with the hopes of competing at a high level once their season begins. Once general conditioning is established an athlete is able to focus greatly on sport specific skills, and the game itself before he season even starts. If the training protocol was successful, this will be the case. If not successful, an athlete enters the season deconditioned and puts themselves at risk for injury. Entering season play with superior conditioning and strength puts an athlete in a position to succeed at a rapid pace. The ability to train athletes using constantly varied functional movements done at relative intensities has put PPA Training Systems in the forefront of athletic training and strength and conditioning development. Our athletes gain the ability to produce direct power and speed specific to their sport as well as in any unpredictable arena.

PowerPlant Training Systems gives Jr. High and High School Athletes an advantage over other young athletes because it enhances GPP, allowing the athlete to gain greater sport specific skills and increase their ability to compete at a high level.

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