Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Foundation

I here time and time again about the person who works out so hard and can never lose body fat. "I've got this lower belly pooch that doesn't go away", they say. Most people I here this from are guys which I find funny for some reason. I will admit though, my first two years in college I was the same way. I was always told that if I worked out hard enough I could eat whatever I wanted to eat. Just so happens that after high school things didn't stay the same for very long.
Learning how to provide my body the proper amount of food was one of the greatest tools I ever learned. I was amazed by how easy it was too. Fuel your muscle and essential body functions, not excess body fat. Excess body fat is not essential, so don't feed it!
Within the first 3 weeks of eating a Paleo/Zone Diet I noticed a significant change in my body composition accompanied by gains in my Crossfit Training. That was two years ago and I haven't looked back. Nutrition is the foundation for success in what we do. Fueling your body correctly is too easy not to be doing it. Maximize your training results and welcome in a new era of wellness for your body.
If you have not yet made the decision to change your eating style contact your Crossfit coach right now!

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Back Yard Fitness said...

Exactly right. Man, I was just telling somebody, "Working out is easy. Anybody can workout. It's the nutrition that takes dedication." Thank God for the Zone. It's NOT a program. It's just way of understanding food and how to use it. Once, you understand how it works, it doesn't take that much effort and what some may describe as "dedication" I just think of as "living." In a certain way: I CAN eat whatever I want. I don't need to eat packaged foods or shakes or anything like that. I can go into any restaurant and eat a zone meal. Or if I have some beers, and I DO!, I count them as my carbs. It might not be perfect but it's close and if you get a lot of close meals and a lot of dialed in meals, you're doing alright.

I'm wearing jeans, comfortably, that I haven't worn in 6-8 years. I thought I was stuck, that age had caught up with me and my love handles and belly were here for good. I thought I could workout and build muscle but my waist was stuck. But, fortunately, I found CrossFit which led me to the zone and now I may be in the best shape of my life. Not a bad way to be going into my wedding weekend!