Thursday, August 27, 2009

Nagging Injury?

Airrosti is the place to go and is the best therapy I've received so far! Airrosti treatments alleviate facial distortion around muscles to help resolve musculoskeletal injuries. What does that mean...for me it meant bring on the pain train!

For almost a year now I've had a pain surrounding my SI joint that I've had no diagnosis for. SI sprain was the closest thing. The pain did not shoot down my leg or anything, but it did severely impair my ability to walk, run, sleep, sneeze, laugh, sit on toilets..etc. Every subtle movement we do without thinking about, I had to put thought into and devise a strategy to accomplish. I went through this phase 3 different times over the past year. This was very frustrating for me. And even during the months when I had no pain doing everyday activities I was still unable to run or lift heavy things.

I went to a Chiropractor for 2 months twice a week and saw minimal results. I even did massage therapy in conjunction with the adjustments and still no dice. I was doing Trigger Point, Foam Roller, stretching...nothing was fixing me.

Jeremy Thiel attended 3 Airrosti sessions and was spreading the word about it's healing abilities. Knowing I was stuck with this nagging pain, he set me up with Dr. Ellspermann, the doctor who did his treatments.

After attending my first 3 sessions in 2 weeks I had gained more mobility and strength in my left leg/hip than I had the past 10 months. After my next 2 visits I had a dramatic increase in the ability to lift and tolerate heavier loads. I even PR'd on the Snatch with 175lbs....a move I had never done maximal loads with. Keep in mind that before this my heaviest OH squat was only 135lbs!

If you have any nagging injuries, no matter what they are, Airrosti can help you aleviate pain and resolve the injury. And they usually do it within 3 visits!

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