Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Big Mo

Reverting back to basics. It seems as though I've always known what to do, and I wasn't doing it, well I was kinda, but not near great enough for my standards. Scary thing, a very disturbing thing for me as well.

Questions I answered today:

1) Have I stopped demanding more from myself than anybody else?
2) Am I dissatisfied with my environment?
3) Am I challenging myself everyday?
4) Am I facing fear eye to eye?

Try asking yourself these questions. Are you disturbed? Honestly, are you? Would love to see comments for this one.


Aaron said...

Great post JDP. I've been letting my focus slip recently too. My week thus far is proof. Back to basics indeed. Thank you sir!

JDP said...

Yes sir...It's like a being a kid all over again! Literally.

georgia said...

Disturbed? I want to say no, but in reality, it's the best description of the current inner struggle playing out. It's a constant battle of balance between holding myself to my own standards and learning to be gentle with myself. Too far in either direction is dangerous territory.

Great post, JDP!