Thursday, September 3, 2009

Gets better Everytime ;)

As I was coaching my classes yesterday, I was almost astonished by how many people were crushing their old deadlift max. Actually, I wasn't. The uncommon, of course, is common at Crossfit Central. I naturally grabbed my camera and snapped pics of their PR's. If your not growing, your dying!

Mallika:NEW 255lbs. +15lbs from previous max

Ryon: NEW 405LBS. +5lbs from previous max

Tucker: NEW 255lbs. + 25lbs from previous max

Ross: NEW 355lbs. + 60lbs. from previous

AT: NEW 235lbs. + 65lbs. from previous max

Rich: NEW 325lbs. +80lbs. from previous max

John: NEW 295lbs. +10lbs. from previous max

Ricardo: 325lbs. First deadlift max ever.

Lauren: 205 . First deadlift max ever.

Ben: NEW 405lbs. Hasn't done max deadlift since sophmore year in high school. About a 100lb. PR for him he thinks.

Other PR's I didn't get a picture of:
Tom G.: NEW 255lbs. +10lbs. from previous max
Tony: NEW 265lbs.+10lbs. from previous max
Micah: 255lbs. First time ever.

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Mallika said...

Actually I only lifted 225 not 255! Still a PR though...I'll get 255 soon!