Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Next Year Starts Right Now

Sold Out!!

Forget New Years resolutions and the "Next year, I'm gonna start" stuff. The time to make a change in your life begins today.

I will be opening slots in my schedule for 3 people to participate in a highly intensive 30 day, results now, habit changing training program. Results vary, but are not limited too THIS.

Why Am I doing this:
Simple, it brings me joy to work with people who want to change their lives. Having a personal coach to hold you accountable for a month is a great way to do it. Is it easy, no. That's why I admire those who take the Challenge.

Who is this for?:
Any current clients, or any person who is currently dissatisfied with their current lifestyle, situation, health, athletic ability etc. Skills training to weight loss, this person knows they need a personal coach to help them make the change and reach their goals

What is included?:
-Pre and Post body assessment including: girth measurements, percent body fat measurement, before and after photo
- Before and after fitness assessment
- Custom exercise prescription
- 30 Days of nutrition guidance (What to eat and when to eat it!)
- Mandatory food and workout logging
- If not satisfied with training , a money back guarantee

When does this start?:
Monday, October 5th. Will last 30 days, ending Tuesday November 3rd.

For more information:
Contact me, John Del Peral for a free consultation at johndelperal@crossfitcentral.com or call 817.729.7068.

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