Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Elite Status

This past weekend the Crossfit Games were held in Aromas, CA. I wasn't there, but I've heard stories, seen pictures and even videos that could inspire anyone. The top athletes that performed at the games are truly elite. Mess with the get the horns. Crossfitter's will gladly face a bull anytime, anyplace, anywhere. And mainly because we can. Jeremy Thiel of Crossfit Central took 3rd place this year after after going into Sunday's event in 11th place. Click here to read more about Jeremy's experiences/thoughts/preperation for the games. Someone else whom I do not know, but has proven through performance she is probably the Baddest Ass 14yo girl around gave a truly inspiring effort during the last event at the games. She is a classic example of what you can do when you put fear on the back buner, and set your mind to something. At last..if you can perceive, you can achieve! This video of Kallista Pappas is a must watch for everyone. Watch Video

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