Sunday, July 20, 2008

"Tunde Decidis"

Janese (top left) doing ball slams with a 20lb. basketball filled with sand(no bounce!), Cassie (middle) working on L-Pull ups, and Alyson (bottom) on the DB swings.
All three of these ladies have been super dedicated over the past month, having made exceptional gains in strength, lung capacity, and flexibility.

Alyson (left) has tremendous strength. Her improving cardiorespiratory endurance has her elevating her performance on workouts to new heights. Cassie (top middle) is a fast learner, and has all the natural ability to be elite. Her strength is coming fast, and her desire to be FIT puts her in the gym whenever she gets a chance. Janese (top left) also has tremendous strength, and her background in sports has proven to be a great foundation for her success. Her Olympic weightlifting skills are improving quickly. In only her first time to do OH squats she went for a max and hit 95lbs! I foresee great results within the next 6 weeks for these three.

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Mchael Gregory said...

The Crossfit women are looking strong in San Marcos... Keep up the great work!