Monday, November 23, 2009

30 Day Challenge Succes Story: Lindsay Spurck

"Before this challenge I was "content" with my fitness level and regime. I was doing Cross Fit twice a week, running four times a week, eating a diet of primarily healthy foods, but I wasn't seeing the results I wanted to.
As a competitive person by nature, I was drawn to Cross Fit because of the ability to compete at each work out. However, I found I wasn't challenging myself as much as I could because of mental barriers I had created. Though I started back in May there were still movements and techniques that were very foreign to me, and I would opt for modified versions to prevent failing at the Rx work out. For example, I would opt to do pull ups with a band because I knew I could get over the bar that way, rather than trying to do them with the kip because I wasn't exactly sure how to do it. This challenge gave me the one on one training and attention I needed to really perfect my form and give me the confidence I needed to excel.
I have seen great results with this challenge, not only in my measurements and the way my clothes are fitting, but primarily in my performance at the gym. I'm doing push ups on toes, chest to ground every time (well, except for maybe Angie) and getting my chin up over the bar on pull ups sans band.
If you're looking to "up your Cross Fit game", I would definitely recommend taking on a 30 day challenge. You'll be pleasantly surprised with how a month of hard work can affect your outlook, your performance, and your figure :)"

Lindsay lost 7.3% body fat, and 4.75 inches from her body in 30 Days.

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