Wednesday, November 18, 2009

30 Day Challenge Success Story: Jessica Kasper

"Before taking on the 30 Day Challenge, I knew I wasn’t challenging myself enough. I knew every CrossFit workout was still really hard, but I wasn’t seeing much improvement anymore. I stayed in my comfort zone and picked weights that I knew I could do-that didn’t scare me too much. I always did pushups on my knees and was scared to try the heavy stuff. So, Lory, Lindsay and I from Crystal’s 7:00pm class convinced each other to sign up for John’s 30 Day Challenge. I was scared and knew it would be tough, but I also knew that it would be much more fun if all of us did it together.
We formed our own support group and discussed our nutrition ‘wins’ and ‘fails’, and vented about how crazy tough the workouts were. The past 30 days has forced me to reconsider my mental boundaries. I have done so many things that I did not think possible (in each and every workout). John pushed us right out of our comfort zones immediately (we didn’t have a choice), and he never looked back. The workouts were challenging physically (which I was prepared for) but they were just as challenging mentally. This helped me to create new positive internal dialogue during my workouts, and I gained confidence looking back at my achievements. I learned more about eating clean Zone/Paleo nutrition, and I have grown accustomed to this new healthy way to eat. I learned that Halloween, we
ddings, and other social nights with friends can still be fun even without a single alcoholic drink! I now know how to take my workouts to the next level, and feel better and stronger than I have in years! I lost more pounds, inches, and body fat than I thought possible in 30 days. When I started CrossFit in January 2009, I was 29.5% body fat, 30 days ago I was down to 24.2%, and today I’m 17.7%!! If you’re stuck in a rut with your normal routine, want to finally see some major results, or just need a little extra push to help kick start some new healthy habits, the 30 day challenge is for you. But come ready-it’s no joke!"

Lost 7.6lbs, 7.5inches, and 6.5% body fat in 30 days.

She added 2 extra workouts a week with me in addition to training with Coach Crystal.

And among the many things Jessica can do well, she is definitely cranking out those pullups!

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