Monday, November 16, 2009

30 Day Challenge Success Story: Lory Conte

"Before taking on the 30 Day Challenge I was active in a 7:00pm Crossfit class but I was still doing push ups on my knees and couldn't crank out a pull up. I had started fiddling around with nutrition after reading Melissa Urban's blog ( but needed extra help on what was specific to how many blocks I should consume, P/F/C measurements and all of that science-y stuff.

I really really wanted to do a pull up without a band! For about a month before the Challenge the women in my class and I would stay after to work on pull ups but I couldn't get my chin over the bar. I think I relied too much on the band for help and needed more practice on the swing.
Linds found John's blog post about the 30 Day Challenge and knew that she, Jess Kasper and I needed an extra push before the San Antonio Rock n Roll half marathon. We had recently been talking about too many nights of margs, chips and salsa and thought this would be a great opportunity to get back on track and dial into our nutrition. My idea had been to make a goal for us to run the half shirtless but once we figured out that it was probably going to be 40 degrees the morning of the race we thought John's Challenge would be a better solution.

I can do a pull up!!! Even though my max reps is about 3, I'm pretty pumped that I can do even one without a band! Before the Challenge I had tried to do some WODs prescribed but hadn't really succeeded. Throughout the 30 Days John didn't give us an option in what weight to use and now I'm used to grabbing the 30# DBs when before I think I was using the 20s. I'm now prepared to say more of "I can do that" rather than thinking of what substitutions I need to make.

I'd rec recommend the
30 Day Challenge whether it be on your own or with one of the CFC coaches. Thankfully, Jess, Linds and I formed a little support group to get through the days of cravings, bad food temptations and tough workouts but our CFC community has hundreds of different ways of motivation, support and encouragement. I was able to text John whenever I had a question about a post workout meal or even when I was tempted by candy at the office. Anyone who is looking for an extra push or something different should start the 30 Day Challenge today!"

Lost 2lbs, 3.6% body fat, and 6.75 inches 30 Days.

She added in 2 extra workouts a week with me in addition to training with Coach Crystal.

And she smoked her benchmark workout completing 30 un- assisted pull ups to finish the workout with a minute and a half to spare before the cutoff!

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Jessica said...

Congrats on meeting your goals, Lory! Its great to hear that you are pushing yourself and achieving success. You are an inspiration and a true bad-ass. :) Keep it up!