Tuesday, June 29, 2010

November of last year..

Natalie weighed 148lbs and was 33% body fat. Unhappy with her situation she joins Crossfit Central and lands in my M/W/TH 730pm class.

A hard worker, Natalie tried her best and overcame many hardships found throughout our workouts. Push ups from the hands and toes, running 800m for time..4 times in a row without stopping..and doing a single unassisted kipping pull up all found their way into Natalie's bag of accomplishments during her short stay with us at Central.

Along with her increases in strength and running, she picked up some other bonuses along the way. She is currently 120lbs and 22% body fat. Giving her a total loss of 27lbs, 11%body fat, and 20 inches! Natalie's focus and determination will only keep giving the strength she needs to keep making everyday an "Easy Day". Good luck in Oklahoma!

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natrenfrow said...

Thank you for EVERYTHING!!!
We will definitely bring what we've learned at CFC to Oklahoma with us...