Monday, July 26, 2010

"Happy Hour"

So the legend goes as so..

A guy misses Crossfit class one day, more specifically a 515pm class with JDP. The next day the coach asks the guy, "Hey, where were you Monday?" The guy says, "I went to Happy Hour after work." The coach chuckles and says...What?!.. this is "Happy Hour"!

So the legend began..

This past Sunday, Tom (left)and wife Heidi (not pictured), threw the "Happy Hour" crew a good ol' pool party!Fajitas, drinks, music and frisbee's were in full supply as everyone enjoyed the atmosphere.

Tom is one of Crossfit Central's first three clients! We are grateful for Tom's long time hard work, and support of the gym. Thanks for everything!

Don't tell anyone in the class, but we have a 100 Burpee "buy in" today before the workout! (too much dessert yesterday!) Haha, I'm just kidding! They already know...


Jessica said...

This class is awesome. Real firebreathers! Makes me want to be a part of it for sure.

JDP said...

don't be scurd Jess!

Harrie said...

LOVED CF Central and this "Happy Hour" class. Sure were firebreathers! Naomi, Allison, the guy who started off the muscle-up demonstrations, and everyone whose name I didn't get - thanks for all the encouragement and friendliness! JDP, your coaching rocked! Hey, loved those cartwheels!