Monday, September 22, 2008

I'm Just Keeping it REAL

Today I was confronted with two different situations that really had me thinking about the way that I am, and why I train the way I do.

On one hand I am training clients that are not used to someone else being in charge. They will listen to you, but not acknowledge they are. They continue on as though they are doing their own thing because it's what is comfortable for them. Usually these clients have excuses for a lot of age related, surgery however many months ago etc.., for why they don't perform certain tasks that you ask of them. I don't accept this, and it's cause for eliciting some emotion from my clients. I have trained people from all levels of fitness/abilities and I know how much to ask of them(all disabilities aside of course). It is always reasonable, but will ALWAYS require effort on the clients part. I will stop you and repeat myself to make sure you are doing things right before I let you do a workout with half ass motion just so you can feel like you did a workout. I don't yell at you, I simply motivate you from a level from which we have bonded. So for a client to get upset, and snap at me because I am encouraging them out of their comfort zone(where the problem is in the first place), while I take extra effort to help them succeed during their workout baffels me. You have been training a certain way which is why you have the results you have. Usually training your own way yielding no results. You come to me so we can change your life. The one problem is you want it easy and fast. You don't really want to EMBRACE the effort required to change your life at the rapid pace that you request, but you will EMBRACE excuses for the ease in which they bring your life. Sorry, but I don't let my clients go that route. We will butt heads, and you might fuss at me, but I promise you will thank me in the end. It always happens. Just know when I am training you there is no room for excuses, only effort reminent of your current level of fitness.

A shoutout to everyone who has ever had their shit fucked up..if you've been there you know what I'm talking about. Enjoy. Compliments of gymjones.

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